Japan is the only company, which succeeds in nanotechnology liposome derivative from Live Collagen. It means they create supramolecular (nano capsuled) phospholipids (cell membrane structure is the substance skin),wrap Live Collagen into this double lipid supramolecular.

Live Collagen ( fresh collagen) not only treats aging skin but also is extremely effective for acne skin.

1. Treat acne offline

In Fresh Collagen has active acne treatmen that is Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is often called BHA (essences commonly found in acne products),an oil-based acid, so that BHA easily penetrates oil layer of the skin, through the pores filled with the sebum – The cause of acne.

2. Treat bruise - dark skin

Salicylic acid in Live Collagen treats scars effectively. After suffering from acne, the skin is more susceptible to infections, 90% of scar formation of skin infections from the wound, forming dark areas. Salicylic Acid anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and treats acne scar.

3. Reduce skin allergies

Scutellaria baicalensis Root Extract in Live Collagen helps to prevent damage after peeling or using roller. It also has antiviral activity, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective.

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